In the sequel, I present some projects for what I spent much time in the past. Since time moves on, I have neither time nor interest in continuouing developing of them. But still, they are very nice software projects for which I hope that somebody gets interested in. Foci are on open source software - so take over the development.

Table of Contents:

  • Dr-DOS Wiki,
  • oZone (graphical user-interface desktop, in C),
  • Sword (graphical user-interface library in C++). 


  • Wiki on Dr-DOS - This website is basical a Wiki on Caldera/Lineo Dr-DOS - the DOS with the most modern features as multitasking, 32-Bit protected mode, long file names, and support of computer mice. Since Caldera stopped developing Dr-DOS, this site transformed more and more to a general Wiki on DOS. Beside Dr-DOS, a second focus is on FreeDOS and software that is still under active development.

oZone - Graphical User Interface for DOS, Win, and Linux

The oZone graphical desktop environment from Etelain Julien (Point Mad) and Lukas Lipka ( ) is an intuitive and attractive GUI and desktop for DOS, Linux and Windows users! You can develop programs for oZone, which will also run in all enviroments without re-compiling! It includes a file manager, (which is like the Explorer of Windows), tools, skins, mp3-player, image-viewer (PNG, JPEG), games and it also supports Drag and Drop. oZone-Programs support Unicode. You can easily develope your own oZone programs: Just contact me for help! Code for multi-threading is available but does not work and, hence, is disabled. Because oZone’s source is open (License: GPL 2) it can be easily customized. You may distribute your program with and without the core of oZone - so people don’t need to have an installed oZone. Just integrate your program into oZone.


  • Full featured GUI developed in GNU C using the object-oriented paradigm.
  • Skin support (2 included)
  • Programs for oZone can run on all versions (DOS, Win, Linux)
  • Drag and Drop
  • File manager
  • Mp3 player
  • Small editor
  • Multitasking
  • Small tools and games avaiable
  • Programs are compressed on hard disc
  • Supports True-Type-Fonts
  • Image viewer (PNG, JPEG, BMP)
  • Unicode



  • Download binary for DOS (it needs a mouse driver, a LFN driver, and a DMA-driver from FreeDOS)
  • Important information: main.exe is compiled with GCC 4 and inofficial DJGPP 2.04 beta. All libraries are compiled with DJGPP 2.04. beta! So if you are using DJGPP 2.03 you have to recompile all libraries. Convmpeg is a new application, which shows you the included mpeg-library. It converts an mpeg-file into snapshots. So there will be many many files after launching convmpeg in your directory :-). Convmpeg is simply a port of sample1 of mpeg-library!
  • Latest source code is available at via Subversion SVN. (There exists still a critical bug (f.e. when drag and drope files in navigator). Any ideas? I searched MANY MANY hours… maybe a dynamic link problem? Maybe a problem of my developement-enviroment??? Or bug with Drag&Drop???)
  •, changes made by Florian Xaver:
    1. added MPEG2dec library (I need you for writing apps :-)
    2. fixed critical bug (crashed if no CD/DVD/floppy were in the drive)
    3. fixed critical bug (crashed sometimes when files are copied, added sysexport(TaskList) in export.c)
    4. dynamic link library/program linker recompiled with DJGPP 2.04
    5. changing of some APPEXPORT to SYSEXPORT (why? with APPEXPORT some libs didn’t load)


oZone Builder

With Illkirch you are able to design your program, you do not need to think about coordinates of windows, buttons etc. Just click & drag with mouse. ;-)


I ported it to GCC 4. You need a full installation of oZone (source code and binary). If this is f.e. c:\dos\phoenix\, then you have to extract to c:\dos\ (directory illkirch has to be in the same sub-directory as phoenix).





SWORD is graphical user interface (GUI) C++library for DJGPP, running on FreeDOS, on Enhanced Dr-DOS and on other compatible systems. TurboC support has been canceled. SWORD is similar to the text-user-interface (TUI) library Turbo Vision. Up to version 2.10 (1996), Eric Nicolas and the SWORD Group had developed the library. As the library is under GNU Public License, I decided to update it to the last DJGPP and GRX version and to provide a homepage. The current version is 2.30 (10/2005). A nice side effect is, that the programs run also on top of WinXP.

SWORD provides a basic enviroment - it is ideal for little programs. The executable is usually smaller than 1MB. GUIs like wxWidgets (wxWindows) need 2MB and more. My main goal for this projekt is to provide a bugfree, easy to use, small and powerfull GUI library for FreeDOS and Enhanced Dr-DOS developers.



  • GUI library for DOS
  • 32-Bit compiler: DJGPP
  • Language: C++
  • License: Gnu Public License
  • © 1996 Eric Nicolas and the SWORD Group (v2.10)
  • © Florian Xaver 2005
  • Resizable windows
  • Dialog boxes
  • Gadgets like: button, process bar, lift, scrollbar etc.
  • Screen saver
  • Image viewer
  • Menus
  • Event management
  • From ega/vga cards to vesa/vbe
  • Standard messagebox